International Court Accuses 2 Russian Officers of War Crimes in Ukraine

The International Criminal Court on Tuesday issued arrest warrants for two top Russian military officers, accusing them of war crimes in Ukraine for targeting civilians and destroying crucial energy infrastructure.

The two officers — Lt. Gen. Sergei Ivanovich Kobylash and Adm. Viktor Nikolayevich Sokolov — are accused in a court statement of being personally responsible for numerous missile strikes by their forces on electrical power plants and substations in multiple locations between October 2022 and March 2023.

The wintertime strikes were defined as war crimes because they were largely directed against civilian targets, causing “excessive incidental harm to civilians or damage to civilian objects,” the court said.

General Kobylash is a senior Russian Air Force officer who commanded the country’s long-range aviation forces during that time period, while Admiral Sokolov was then commander of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet.

Lt. Gen. Sergei Ivanovich Kobylas commanded Russia’s long-range aviation forces.Credit…Sergei Chirikov/EPA, via Shutterstock
Adm. Viktor Nikolayevich Sokolov as commander of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in 2022.Credit…Alexey Pavlishak/Reuters

The two are also accused of crimes against humanity because of “intentionally causing great suffering” and serious physical or mental injuries in the general population.

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