MH370 Disappeared a Decade Ago. Here’s What We Know Today.

On March 8, 2014, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was heading from Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysian capital, to Beijing, when it deviated from its scheduled path, turning west across the Malay Peninsula.

The plane, a Boeing 777 carrying 239 people from 15 countries, is believed to have veered off course and flown south for several hours after radar contact was lost. Some officials believe it may have crashed somewhere in the southern Indian Ocean after running out of fuel, but expansive search efforts over years have returned no answers, no victims, and no plane.

The reason the plane went off course and its exact location today remains one of the greatest aviation mysteries of all time. This week, officials suggested a renewed search operation might be undertaken.

Here’s a brief look at what we know about the plane’s disappearance 10 years later.

Rayan Gharazeddine Royal Australian Air Force scanning the water in the southern Indian Ocean during a search flight for the missing plane in 2014. Credit…Associated Press

Investigators searched by air and sea.

The first phase of the search lasted 52 days and was conducted largely from the air, covering 1.7 million square miles and involving 334 search flights.

In January 2017, the governments of Australia, Malaysia and China officially called off the underwater search for the plane after combing more than 46,000 square miles of the Indian Ocean floor. That effort cost $150 million.

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