New Hair Style

New Hair Style

The Middle Ages is a period in which women often adopt a natural and simple approach in hair styles. They used headscarves or crowns to cover women’s hair and get a more modest look. Here are some of the medieval women’s hairstyles:

Headscarf: It is a hair style that medieval women often prefer. The hair was covered with a headscarf and all or part of the hair would become invisible. The headscarf was usually wrapped or tied like a crown above the head.

Braids: The braids were a hair style that medieval women frequently used. The hair was knitted and gathered on the back or sides and sometimes rotated around the head. In this way, the hair was kept regularly and aesthetic appearance was obtained.

Flat and long hair: In the Middle Ages, some women preferred to leave their hair straight and long. The hair was usually left in its natural form or slightly flattened. In this style, hair usually provided a natural and simple look.

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