Queens Park Ladies Joined a Boys’ League. Then They Went Undefeated.

With about four games left in the season, it became mathematically clear to the players and coaches of the Queens Park Ladies, an under-12 girls’ soccer team in Bournemouth, England, that they would win their league.

But rather than resting on their laurels and enjoying their guaranteed victory, they decided to take it a step further: What if they not only won their league, but also did so without losing a match?

If that wasn’t enough, they would be pulling it off as the only girls’ team in a boys’ league.

Reader, they did it. The Queens Park Ladies did not lose any of their 22 matches, earning them the elusive nickname “Invincibles,” one that conjures the memory of Arsenal’s undefeated 2003-04 Premier League season under Arsène Wenger.

“I just thought it was incredible that we’ve gone so far to beat some boys that are probably more physical than us,” Millie Ray, 11, a midfielder, said. “We actually came back and destroyed them.”

In interviews, the players praised one another and emphasized that they were also close friends, which helped their game.

The girls said they were close friends in addition to being teammates. Credit…Team Green Photography
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